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Our custom cakes are appropriate for any occasion: birthdays, anniversaries or just a lovely end to a mid-week meal!

To Order

Come visit us at the bakery or call 403-261-3064


Lemon Cream Cake Image

Lemon Cream Cake

Our signature dessert. Tart, lemon syrup-brushed layers are filled with lemon curd and whipped cream and frosted with lemon buttercream.

Chocolate Ganache Image

Chocolate Ganache

Layers of moist chocolate cake filled with chocolate cream and iced with a chocolate butter icing. Available in your choice of chocolate, chocolate raspberry, or chocolate hazelnut praline ganache.

Orange Almond Cake Image

Orange Almond Cake

Buttery orange and marzipan cake is filled with a creamy white chocolate ganache. Covered in Gran Marnier buttercream.

Princess Cake Image

Princess Cake

This cake is perfect for all occasions. We start with rich, butter cake layers, brushed with Framboise and raspberry jam. The cake is filled with creme patissiere and sweet whipped cream. More whipped cream forms a domed top, the cake is covered with tinted marzipan and garnished with a fresh rose.


Available from September through March. Flavoured with pumpkin puree and spices, this cheesecake makes a nice change from the traditional pumpkin tart.

Carrot Butterscotch / Apple Spice Butterscotch

Decadent butterscotch icing and filling swirled over moist carrot cake or subtly spiced apple cake layers.

Coconut White Chocolate Cream

Our white butter cake is brushed with coconut syrup and filled with a toasted coconut and white chocolate ganache. Covered in vanilla buttercream and more toasted coconut.

White Chocolate Mousse Cake

White chocolate mousse and berries fill our white cake. White chocolate buttercream provides a soft finish.