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Sometimes a cake just won’t do...These desserts will satisfy your craving for something different (they make great birthday cakes too!).

To Order

Come visit us at the bakery or call 403-261-3064

Tortes And Cheese Cakes

Chocolate Truffle Torte Image

Chocolate Truffle Torte

For those who like their chocolate rich and sweet. A layer of our chocolate cake is topped with a raspberry accented chocolate mousse. Smooth chocolate glaze on top.

Molasses Spice Bars Image

Diablo Torte

A multilayered, flourless chocolate cake filled with pepper and cinnamon infused chocolate mousse. Cut into a distinctive triangular shape to serve 6 or 12.

Mixed Berry Cheese Cake Image

Mixed Berry Cheese Cake

Blackberries, blueberries and raspberries are blended right into the batter providing fruity bursts of taste throughout.

Tiramisu Torte

A twist on the classic tiramisu. Flourless chocolate cake is brushed with espresso syrup and filled with alternating layers of mascarpone cream and chocolate ganache. Our favourite chocolate glaze blankets the top.

White Chocolate Cheese Cake

White chocolate adds a mellow flavour to our cheesecake.

Lemon-Lime Swirl Cheese Cake

Lemon and lime juice and zest are added to the cheesecake with tart lemon and lime curd swirled in.

Lemon and Raspberry Swirl Cheese Cake

Similar to Lemon-Lime Swirl but we add raspberries instead of lime.

Mango Raspberry Cheese Cake

Mango puree adds a tropical touch; chunks of sweet mango and tart raspberries make a perfect flavour combination.

Chocolate Espresso Cheese Cake

Deep, dark and delicious.

Hazelnut Roulade

Flourless hazelnut cake is wrapped jellyroll-style around white chocolate mousse and raspberries. A white chocolate ganache icing covers the outside.

Hazelnut Lime Roulade

The same delicious cake as above, but wrapped around a lime cream filling. Garnished with a little whipped cream on the top. Decadent but refreshingly light.