Made To Order

Orders can be made by phone, email or in-person for pickup Tuesday through Saturday.

We try to accommodate all orders even on short notice, however, we recommend a minimum 2 days notice for cakes 6"-10" round.


6" round serves 8 $51
8" round serves 12
(can serve 16 smaller pieces)
10" round serves 16
(can serve 20 smaller pieces)


Princess Cake

6" round serves 8-10 $72
8" round serves 12-14 $98

For cakes to serve larger crowds, 12" round to 12"x17" rectangular, we recommend a minimum one week notice to guarantee your order.

Large Cakes

12" round serves 24-30
(can serve 36 smaller pieces)
14" round serves 36-40
(can serve 50 smaller pieces)
12"x17" rectangle serves 60
(two layers of cake with one layer filling)
12"x17" rectangle serves 100
(three layers of cake with two layer filling)


We reserve the right to limit orders.

Store hours are Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 6pm and Saturday, 10am to 4pm. You may contact us in-person Tuesday to Saturday, 9am-6pm (4pm Saturdays) and by telephone/voicemail Monday to Saturday. You can also email us at .

We make many other delicious items for order or pickup at the shop.
Please call us at 403-261-3064 for details!